Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the 2 billion cell phones that are currently in use worldwide after we've all stopped talking? After we've upgraded the old Nokias for the newest and snazziest, got-to-have model? Gee, that sort of comes out sounding like the 60 year old going through a mid-life crisis while upgrading his older, but stable wife for the younger, and cuter model. But I digress.... cell phones. Yes, they've become the necessary evil, but they do prove to be useful, especially in times of emergency. Which leads me to one of the best uses for recycling your old cell phone. The Wireless Foundation is a non-profit organization that refurbishes old cell phones for survivors of domestic violence. The refurbished phones are sold with 100% of the sales going toward prevention programs and national awareness campaigns. You can go here to find your local drop off location. You can also find drop boxes for Cell Phones for Soldiers at various AT&T stores throughout the United States. AT&T has donated more than $500,000 for pre-paid phone cards allowing our troops to call home.

But what about your small appliances and television, you ask? With MP3 players inundating every ear canal on the planet its a worthy question. Apple will accept your old iPods or cell phones and provide a 10% discount on the purchase of a new iPod. It's not a perfect solution since keeping your old player is better for the environment, but if you've got to toss it than at least toss to those who will recycle. Staples and RadioShack have also implemented in-store recycling programs where you can drop off your smaller, unwanted electronics. Best Buy will haul away and recycle your old television when you purchase a new one from them, and Office Depot provides a Tech Recycling Program by selling boxes for $5, $10, or $15 which you fill with as many approved items as possible and the company will do the recycling for you.

If none of the above options fill your recycling needs you can always turn to the tried, and true, Earth911 for information on recycling virtually anything in your area. Now clear your conscious and your closet and get on with your recycling!

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